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Natural remedies……..NaturalNatural Healing called Chi…….


Pure Natural Healing
By Master Lin……………

Chinese Therapies

What is the difference between
Meridian Therapy, Acupressure and Acupuncture?
Acupressure and acupuncture use the same pressure points,
Acupuncture uses needles and acupressure uses finger message.
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Meridian Therapy

Why is the Pure Natural Healing Program so powerful?
Because it combines several healing disciplines.
You may think that this will make it rather complicated
to put into practice. But you don’t have to worry about that,
As the instructions are easy to follow with pictures and videos.

Can you really Cure
A Disease by just rubbing

The Ancient Chinese have used these meridians to heal
virtually every disease known to men. We have the benefit
from their experience through Master Lin’s research.
Untold people overcame their problems using his program.

         ……………….What are Meridians

Meridians used in the meridian therapyYour “Life Energy” travels through these
unseen channels throughout your body.

The word meridian means:
“The Highest Point or Stage of Development.”
Through these meridians run the highest concentration of your “Life Force”.
The Chinese call these Chi.
When one of these meridians gets blocked,
we experience pain or sickness and
when they are blocked a certain organ
or injury is starved from getting the nutrients
and energy to heal. When you know the trigger points and massage them you remove the blockage.

Just Removing the Blockage
Is not Quite Enough

Removing the blockage will bring relief, but in order
to get permanent relief much more is  required.
This is why Master Lee and his research is so valuable.
He has taken his knowledge of Acupressure and combined
it with the most powerful aspects of traditional Chines Medicine.

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Here are some success Stories

Suffered depression until she found the meredian therapy  Linda suffered from ArthritisShe was able to walk again by using meridian therapy
and had excruciating pain in her knees and she could no longer walk. Because of this she started to suffer from depression.However she started
to use the program and

without any drugs or surgery,
she was able
to walk again after
just a little while was
able to walk faster than her younger sister.

No more medication, thanks to natural remediesThe healing remedies helped her get off medicationBarbera was 71 and her cholesterol was very high and she was told that
she would have to be on medication
for the rest of her life.
But than she got hold of the program.
She learned which one of her
meridians was blocked and
then through messaging that meridian
she got rid of the blockage and
her medication.

Median therapy cured his vertigoPaul's vetigo was cured using natural remediesPaul suffered from vertigo, which means he could not keep his balance. He used the meridian therapy, which is a natural treatment for vertigo. He did the soothing exercises and his vertigo disappeared, which left his doctor scratching his head.