Pure Natural Healing Using
The Ancient Chinese Art of Acupressure

People familiar with Acupressure describe it as “Unlocking Your Body’s Ability to Heal Itself”

Acupressure points


An Acupressure Master will locate that part of your body where the energy is blocked. He will then put pressure on the appropriate spot and after a moment or two the problem area is relieved of pain. 
It is in fact, something that you can learn and do yourself right at home.
With the right instruction you will be able to find these energy blocks that are in your body and be able to relieve the pain yourself.
Once you have learned how to do it, you will be able to use your new found skills on your own family and friends.

This is Master Tim

He has taken acupressure to a whole new level.
He has taken it to a much higher level and yet he has been able to refine it into a much simpler, but also has been able to get a far more direct way of getting results. He is driven to look for ways on how to improve his skill level.
Besides Acupressure he has studied herbology, the healing properties of food, massage techniques to name just a few.
Why did he study so many fields? Because he felt he could not create the consistency he was looking for, by sticking to only one school of thought

Natural cure

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curing the natural way

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Introduction to the bodies natural healing power

Linda's Story

Linda before using natural healing

This is Linda 70 years old and suffered badly from arthritis. She used to be full of life, but now she suffered from depression as she could hardly walk. She did have acupuncture treatment, but the relief from pain did not last very long at all. She learned from Master Lim his simple techniques, no surgery no drugs and the result is that now she can walk faster than her younger sister.

Linda after Using natural healing

Explaining Meridians

Showing meridians used in natural healing

The lines you see on the 2 pictures are called "Meridians", which is an ancient word that refers to the highest point of development. These are invisible lines that contain the highest life concentration of your "Life Force", which the Chinese call "Chi".
When we suffer from pain or an illness, it's because one or it may be several meridians that are blocked. When blocked some part of your body, like an injury or an organ, does not get the nutrition and the energy it needs to heal.

Showing the meridians of natural healing

How to Make it Work ​

To release the natural healing abilty of your body,
you will need to know how to unblock these meridians.
In Meridian Therapy you will learn the method of locating
blockages and when unblocked the body can then heal itself.
Removing these blockagse will bring you relief, but in order to get
permanent relief much more is required. That is why Master Lim and
his  research is so valuable.  He took his knowledge of  Acupressure and
combined it with the most powerful aspects of traditional Chinese Medicine

Barbara's Story

Barbara suffering from high cholesterolbefore using natural healing

Barbara was 71 and her cholesterol was very high and she was told that she would have to be on medication for the rest of her life. But then she got hold of the program and she learned which one of her meridians was blocked and through applying what she had learned in master Lim's program she was able to get rid of the blockage. She has been able to completely come off her medication.
There are many more testimonials.

Barbara after using natural healing

The art of Chines medicine

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